Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequent questions we get asked by our guests


Where is Therme București located?
Therme București is located just outside Bucharest, on DN1 national road, in Balotești. See the map
What are the opening hours?
Therme București is open every day of the week. Full schedule is available on our website.
How can I get to Therme?
Line 442 STB runs on the Bucharest Therme route and back, with a stop at Henri Coandă Airport, on the following route: - to „Therme București”: Piaţa Presei Libere, Bd. Mărăşti, Şos. București-Ploiești, DN1, Henri Coandă Airport, Therme Bucureşti. - to Bucharest: Therme Bucureşti, Complex Comercial DN1 Value Center, DN1, Henri Coandă Airport, Şos. București-Ploiești, Bd. Mărăşti, Piaţa Presei Libere. The schedule for line 442 and the specific stops of the new line can be accessed here.
Are there any charging stations for electric / plug-in hybrid cars at Therme?
You can charge your car at one of the seven 22 KW and 50 KW electric charging stations that can accommodate up to 14 cars simultaneously, in the Therme parking lot. Discover all the features of the electric charging HUB here.


How much does entry cost?
Prices are published on our website
Can I pay for the access Therme tickets with holiday vouchers / tickets?
Please access the partner hotels page to discover the holiday package that suits you best.
Are pupils considered students in the fee table?
Yes, children over the age of 14 are considered students and benefit from the pupil / student rate, if they present a valid student identity card. The student ticket allows access to all areas of Therme for children over 14 years. For those under 14 there’s the opportunity of purchasing a children’s ticket, valid only in the Galaxy area but more advantageous in terms of fare.
Do people with disabilities benefit from any discounts? How about their attendants?
For our guests with special needs and their caretakers we created dedicated packages and prices that can be consulted on the Admission Prices page, Guests with special needs section.
Do additional weekend fees and area change fees also apply to Smart Pass offers?
Yes, but the system first equals the cost of a full adult ticket and then adds the area change fee.
Can I purchase gift vouchers?
You can purchase gift cards with predetermined amounts, discount Therme cards from the webshop or from the cash desks depending on the desired amount, and vouchers in the form of tickets or containing any amount of money you want, from Therme reception desk.
How can I activate a voucher (gift card) / Therme card?
The voucher / card is activated automatically at the first use, directly at the cash desks inside the complex.
What can I pay for with the Therme gift card/voucher/value card?
The Therme voucher/value card can be used to pay for: entrance tickets, food, drinks, and other chargeable activities within the complex (such as massages, hydro-massages, etc.).
If you do not wish to use the full amount of the voucher/card, the remaining funds can be used on your next visit, but only within its validity period. The validity of a value card/gift card is 2 years from the moment of purchase.


I ordered something other than I intended or didn't want to order anything. Can I cancel the order?
After activating the order by pressing the "Place Order" button, the order can only be canceled by exercising the right of withdrawal, in accordance with the legal provisions.
I entered the wrong billing information. Can the invoice be changed?
If the order is already completed, change in the invoice data can only be done by reversing the initial invoice and issuing a new invoice. The invoice can only be rectified during the month when it was issued. To request a reinvoice, please send an email to together with a copy of the invoice to be modified (or at least the number and date of the invoice). Please specify the correct billing information in the email. You will receive the corrected invoice within 5 working days.
I've lost my Therme value card before I could use it. Can I recover it?
You can only recover it if you have access to the email address and the confirmation email. To request the cancellation of the lost card and the issuance of a new one, please send us an email with your name and the purchase confirmation email, from the same email address used for the purchase. Based on your request, a Therme consultant will contact you to invite you to collect your new value card from Therme.
I purchased an entrance card / ticket. Do I need the barcode to get into Therme?
In order to benefit from Therme București services, it is necessary to present the QR code, printed or in electronic format.
I purchased a gift / value card. How can I check the available balance?
The balance can be checked only in Therme București, at the cash desks area.
I don't have money on my value card / I have too little money on my card. Can I top-up the card online?
You can top-up your value card with money only in Therme București, at the cash desks area.
I do not have enough money on my Therme card to pay for the services already used. Can I pay the difference using cash / card?
Payment at Therme București, including the payment of overdrafts, can be made using both cash and card.
How is the card used? Can I use it at Therme to pay for goods / services directly?
For access and purchases in Therme you only need the bracelet you receive at the entrance. It works with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology and records with a simple touch all the purchases you make during your visit. Upon departure, you leave the bracelet at the check-out point and pay for what you consumed with cash, card, vouchers, gift cards or Therme value card.
Do I need the bracelet received at the entrance if I have a Therme card?
Yes, it is necessary to scan your bracelet for accessing various areas inside Therme and for purchasing products / services. The card cannot be used directly inside Therme.
Is there a cash desk dedicated to online shoppers?
Yes, there are two dedicated cash desks signaled accordingly for all customers who purchased tickets / cards online.
Can I book the period and duration of my visit to Therme?
When you buy an online ticket to Therme, you have to choose the day of your visit and the length of your stay. Once you have purchased the ticket, you can then come to Therme at any time on the selected day, between opening hours, regardless of the occupancy of the complex.
What are the benefits of online purchases?
Purchasing Therme cards / tickets online give you the following benefits:

1. orders can be registered at any time, and they are processed according to their registration

2. you can present the printed ticket or the electronic format (on your phone / tablet)

3. it is no longer necessary to make the payment in any other way

4. you can check the balance of your Therme card at the cash registers
If I withdraw from my contract with Therme, when will I get my money back?
Therme will refund your money within a legal period of maximum 14 days from the moment of receiving your withdrawal request. The refund will be made to the account indicated by you.
I did not receive my ticket / card in the email. What do I do?
The ticket / card is sent to the email address mentioned in the order, after invoicing. If you have checked your Inbox folder, as well as the Spam folder, and you have not received the ticket / card, you can contact us by email
Can I add another product after completing my order?
No other product can be added after you completed your order. To purchase new products, you must place a new order.


Can I visit The Palm area if I'm pregnant? How many degrees does the water have and what salts or minerals does it contain?
We recommend that you consult with your doctor or visit the doctor's office inside the complex for a recommendation.
Am I allowed to enter Therme with a stroller?
No, for hygiene reasons strollers are not allowed, but you can enter with a bassinet.
Why are children older than 3 years old not allowed in The Palm area?
Children over 3 years old already have some independence, and their energy can create commotion for those around them, while The Palm is a relaxation area.
Do children up to 3 years old need waterproof diapers to access The Palm?
Yes, waterproof diapers are mandatory. Both in The Palm area and in Galaxy, it is mandatory to wear water diapers, which can be found in the Therme shop.
Do men have to wear swim trunks or are they allowed with swim shorts?
Swim shorts are also allowed.
If I buy an access ticket online, do I have to arrive by a certain time on that day?
Yes, if you purchase an online access ticket, it's important to know that entry to the complex is allowed until no later than an hour and a half before the scheduled closing time on that day.
What is the age limit of children allowed in Therme? Can we bring babies of a few months or 1 year?
There is no age restriction for children in the family area - Galaxy. Children under the age of 3 also have access to The Palm area.
If I suffer from skin diseases, am I still allowed in Therme?
If you have contagious skin diseases, for the sake of other visitors, please do not visit Therme until you recover completely.
Are pets allowed?
For the safety and hygiene of our clients, pets are not allowed on our premises.
Do I have to bring a towel and slippers or can I rent them from Therme?
Swimming equipment is mandatory when visiting Therme. If you don't have it with you, you can buy it from the Therme shop. You can also rent a bathrobe and a towel, or you can purchase accessories for fun in the water.
If I purchase a one-day ticket, can I go out of the premises and return a few hours later?
In order to do this, we recommend the 3-hour or the 4.5-hour options.
Can I spend multiple days at Therme? Is there an accommodation area?
At the moment, Therme is intended for those who are looking for a few hours of vacation, relaxation or fun, depending on their preferences. There are currently no accommodation facilities available.
At what age can minors enter unaccompanied?
Minors over the age of 14 can enter unaccompanied by their parents, based on their identity card.
Are mobile phones allowed (for calls, photos)?
It is allowed to use mobile phones as long as they do not violate the right to privacy of other visitors. However, mobile phone access in the swimming pools is prohibited.
Can I use my own shower gels, sunscreens (for the outdoor pool), etc.?
Yes, the use of personal products is allowed.
Can I leave my child in the Galaxy area while I go to The Palm?
Children under the age of 14 must remain under adult supervision. Those over the age of 14 can buy individual tickets and can enter without adult supervision.


Do you have WiFi?
Therme București offers guests a free WiFi network available in the entire complex.
Is there a first aid unit in case of injury to children or others?
Currently there are 3 first aid units related to the 3 distinct areas of Therme.
Do you have access facilities for people with disabilities?
People with disabilities have easy access to The Palm and Galaxy areas which are built at level 0. In the Galaxy area there is a toilet for people with disabilities, as well as baby changing facilities.
Are there designated smoking areas?
Each area has access to outdoor terraces, where smoking is allowed. Smoking is prohibited inside the facility and in the outdoor pool. There are specially designed smoking areas outside of the building.
Do you have a luggage room, for those who are going to leave or arrive by plane?
Yes, in addition to the locker rooms dedicated to small personal belongings, we also have a special room for storing bulky luggage.
Is there a bicycle rack? Are there security services for the bicycles?
There is a rack, but without security services.
Are there any highchairs for babies?
Yes, highchairs are available in the Galaxy and The Palm areas.
Are there enough parking spaces?
Surely. Therme’s parking facility is larger than that of any shopping centre in Bucharest, and there are no parking fees.


If I received a ticket to Elysium, do I have massage included?
No, the massage is not included, it is available on the basis of a reservation and is paid separately.
Are there lifeguards at the pool areas?
Yes, the safety of our customers comes first.
Are children allowed in the saunas?
It is recommended that people under the age of 14 not enter the saunas.
Is card payment available at the entrance and at the restaurants?
Yes, card payment is available at the entrance. Payment at restaurants is performed with the access bracelets and guests can make the card payment upon their exit from the facility, when they turn in their bracelets.
Can I dine at The Palm if I have a Galaxy ticket?
You can dine only in the area where you have a ticket or you can opt to change the area and you will pay an additional fee for the area change, according to the prices on the website.
Is there a space where I can leave my child under supervision, if I want to spend time in other areas?
There are no spaces with staff to supervise children.
Is there a swimming pool for kids?
In the Galaxy area, Therme has several spaces dedicated to children, where the little ones can have fun all day long.
Do you have consultants for dermatological issues who can advise on what kind of activities to try if I have certain conditions?
We do not have consultants on dermatological issues. Our staff specializes in wellness services, relaxation massage, anti-cellulite massage and therapeutic massage.
Do you have or will you have a nudist section, like at Therme Erding?
No, there will be no nudist sector in Romania.
Do you have therapeutic / anti-cellulite massages at Therme?
There are several types of massages available in the Elysium area. You can make an appointment as soon as you arrive to Therme, with a request submitted to the Elysium area reception desk.
Can I get a ticket to The Palm and book a massage in the Elysium area without having to pay extra to move from one area to another?
Massage is a service dedicated to visitors in the Elysium area, in order to benefit from such services you must pay the fee for the area. However, The Palm includes hydro-massage beds that can provide a very relaxing massage session.
Can I make a massage reservation before arriving to Therme?
Massage reservations are possible only when you arrive to our location, depending on availability.
How deep are the pools in the complex?
With the exception of the wave pool in the Galaxy area, which starts at 1.30 m and reaches 2.10 m at its deepest point, the other pools in Therme do not exceed 1.26 m. They are designed for relaxation and suitable even for those who are not good swimmers.
Are there swimming floats for children in the Galaxy area?
In the Galaxy area there are only special floats for the slides. But you can purchase other types of floats from the shop at the entrance to Therme: swimming fins, swimming vests, baby floats.
Do you have Aufguss activities?
The Aufguss sessions are available, check their schedule here here
Is access to the pools by steps or by vertical ladder?
Access to the swimming pools is by steps.


Can events such as weddings, birthdays, christening parties, etc. be organized in Therme?
Private events are not hosted at Therme for the moment. The complex is open daily and accessible to all from Monday to Sunday, and we do not currently want to limit the access of other visitors to the Therme areas.
Are corporate events allowed?
Yes, for special corporate events, please write us an e-mail at this address


What is the cleaning process of thermal water? Does it contain chlorine?
The geothermal water extracted from a depth of over 3.100 m goes through a process of descaling, desulphurisation, decarbonation and, finally, ozonation. Water chlorination in Therme pools is conducted in compliance with existing legal regulations, ensuring that the chlorine level in the water is maintained close to the minimum threshold required by law.
What is the water temperature in the Galaxy area?
Water temperature in the Galaxy area is between 33 and 36 degrees Celsius.
Is thermal water radioactive?
No, it is not. Extracted from a depth of 3.100 m, thermal water at Therme is microbiologically pure and maintains all the properties beneficial to the human body.
How do you ventilate, clean and disinfect the complex?
In Therme, the interior space is continuously ventilated and purified, becoming similar with the exterior. The air is purified 4 times an hour through highly performant systems. For indoor fresh air, Therme uses independent ventilation systems for large air volumes and HEPA filters, (similar to ones used in medical areas), doubled by natural air ventilation. Moreover, palm trees and plants make space oxygenation similar to that of an exterior area, so that you and your family can enjoy, in perfect safety, the benefits of the biggest wellbeing ecosystem in Europe.
What is the composition of thermal water?
Thermal water is microbiologically pure, does not contain preservatives or parabens, and is rich in mineral salts, copper, zinc, selenium, calcium and magnesium. Thermal water is the only natural source to include multiple minerals, a true source of health and relaxation.
Do you have an ISU authorisation (Inspectorate for Emergency Situations)?
Yes, Therme București holds all the authorizations and permits necessary to operate in complete safety.
How can I get a job with your company?
Please send us your resume at this email