Therme Attractions

Discover thermal water pools, 1600 m of waterslides and the biggest sauna complex in Romania

The Palm

Mineral Pools

Sands of Therme Beach

The Palm

Pulsar Slide

Infrared Light Beds

Tropical Rain Sauna

The Racer Slide

The Galaxy Slide

Andromeda Slide

Snacks & Sweets Corner

The Palm Outdoor Pool

Sunset Lounge

Galaxy Family Lounge

Water Playground

Pangea Park

The Island

Rainforest Sauna

Feng Shui Park


Panoramic Lounge Elysium

Sands of Therme Pool

The Palm

The Galaxy Relax Pool

Alhambra Sauna

Herbal Essences Sauna

The Palm Main Pool

Hollywood Sauna

The Mango Tree Restaurant


Sky River Slide


The Wave Pool

The Flower Lounge

The Salt Library

Calla Shower

The Palm Pool Bar

Quasar Slide

Supernova Slide

The Palm Sunrise Terrace

Greens Restaurant


Hydromassage Beds Galaxy

Hydromassage Beds The Palm

Mars Slide

Neptune Slide

Bavaria Sauna

Amazon Sauna

Provence Sauna

Oriental Garden Sauna

Himalaya Sauna

Se & Zn Pool

Outdoor Galaxy Pool

Galaxy Relax Pool Bar

Se & Zn Pool Bar

Sands of Therme Pool Bar

The Palm

Humboldt Restaurant

Galaxy Beach Terrace


The Palm Relaxation Area

Galaxy Beach Playground

Saturn Slide

Mercury Slide

Venus Slide

Pluto Slide

Jupiter Slide

Supersonic Slide

Treatment Rooms

Nix Water Slide

Hydra Water Slide