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Provence Sauna

Take deep breaths in the dry sauna with special stone pine wood decoration brought from the highest alpine peaks, at temperatures of 75˚- 90˚C

Breathing in high altitude

Take a deep breath! Breathe the alpine air in a sauna made entirely of stone pine wood, a species of coniferous tree that grows only on the highest peaks of the Alps. Then return with your feet on the ground to take in the aromas of sage and lavender, in a thorough journey towards your inner self.

Why it's special

You can have an aromatherapy session any time of the day, thanks to the continuous infusion mechanism with at least 6 essential oils. The strong aroma of the stone pine wood normalises the cardiac function and the metabolism.


You have the best of all worlds when you breathe as if you were on top of the Alps while enjoying Provençal aromatherapy. ● Clearing of the airways ● Stimulating blood circulation ● Regulation of vital functions Temperature: 75˚- 90˚C

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