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Pangea Park

Discover a new world in a million-year-old story

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Energy from the beginning of the world

Science says that almost 300 million years ago, Earth was made up of one large expanse of land, the supercontinent Pangea, from which all the present continents detached. In the park inspired by the genesis of the Earth, the new "continent" forms a huge green puzzle of 3.800 m².

Each continent is represented by a mineral with healing energies, a tree specific to the area and medicinal plants with miraculous properties


In each area of ​​the park you will discover minerals with special properties. ● Calcite reduces anxiety and helps reproductive processes ● Aquamarine has calming and balancing properties ● Blue sapphire removes negative energies and reduces stress ● Pink quartz stimulates creativity and imagination ● Seraphinite balances the inner energy and induces well-being ● Amber has a purifying effect and helps the healing process

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