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Outdoor Galaxy Pool

Relax on the underwater hydromassage beds or have a cocktail at the pool bar, in the outdoor pool with thermal water and a temperature of 33˚C, accessible all year round

One swimming pool, several possibilities

Order an Ice Frappe at the pool bar and enjoy it on the hydromassage beds or the chaise longues close to the pool. Away from the hustle and bustle of the slides area you can enjoy the view of the lake, while bathing in warm thermal waters, or you can take a walk on the beach or around Feng Shui Park, all situated in the Galaxy area. Choose what suits you best, depending on the season, the time of day or your mood.

Why it's special

You have access to the outdoor pool all year round. The temperature of the thermal water remains constant, 33˚C, regardless of the outside degrees. All you have to do is enjoy the scenery and the experience. Depth: 1.26 m

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