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Mineral Pools

Discover the special properties of three pools enriched with mineral salts beneficial to your health

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Dead Sea salt pool: white gold for your health

Ever since Cleopatra's time, salt from the Dead Sea has been known as ‘white gold’. Precious for the health and beauty of the body, salt contains essential elements such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine and iodine. An abundant bath to revitalize the body was one of the beauty secrets of the famous Queen of the Nile. Benefits: ● Clearing of the airways ● Strengthening of the immune system ● Skin beautification

The lithium pool: good mood reactivated

Reactivate your good mood with a bath enriched with lithium salts. You will feel the beneficial effect right after the first dive. Lithium has a positive effect on the brain, helps with migraines and emotional disorders. Benefits: ● Activates good mood ● Reduces anxiety ● Reduces migraines

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