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Humboldt Restaurant

Enjoy dishes from five corners of the world in a relaxed atmosphere with exotic decor, unique in Romania

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Dining with Humboldt

Follow in the footsteps of the famous explorer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt and discover dishes from all continents of the world. Dine among dozens of exotic plant species, in a spectacular setting where you will find a collection of illustrations inspired by the researcher's expeditions, a Muiscas moon phase calendar and an impressive green wall. Relax in a genuine botanical garden and enjoy refined tastes and natural light flowing through the huge glass walls.


● Indoor dining area, 1100 m² ● Terrace by the lake, 900 m² ● Palm trees and hundreds of exotic plants, including Mandevilla and the Rubber Tree or Ficus elastica ● Botanical illustrations from Humboldt's original writings ● The Muiscas moon phase calendar, made of solid rock ● Decorative representations of the sun and the moon * Access to the restaurant is allowed exclusively to Therme București customers.

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