Salt Ritual Beauty Routine

Take care of your skin through a complex ritual of health and beauty, with an essential oil infusion, scrub and clay mask

Exfoliating with salt and essential oils and clay mask

Take care of your skin with a strong salt-based exfoliator, with antibacterial and antiseptic properties, enriched with natural essential oils and vitamins. Apply the scrub using light and circular movements and enjoy the steam, infused with up to ten essential oils; an olfactory spectacle for a complete therapy. After 10 minutes, exit the sauna, apply the clay mask and wait for another 10 minutes (or until the mask dries) in order to achieve a promising beauty effect and a natural skin glow. Benefits ● removes dead cells and regenerates the skin ● detoxifies and remineralizes ● tones, stimulates and energizes the skin's natural processes ● helps balance the sebum secretion ● deep cleansing and shine

Time schedule Salt Ritual

Monday - Sunday

Rainforest Sauna


Rainforest Sauna


Rainforest Sauna


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