Herbal Scrub Beauty Ritual

Take care of your skin through a complex ritual of health and beauty, with essential oil infusions, scrubs and clay masks

Exfoliator with salt, essential oils and clay mask

Enjoy an energizing and regenerating body ritual that leaves the skin firm and radiant. Gently massage your skin with the salt exfoliator, enriched with essential oils from medicinal plants, and let your skin absorb all the beneficial nutrients, under the action of infused steam with aromatic herbs. The scrub made with salt, chamomile, mint and eucalyptus essential oils is followed by a clay mask, which cleans the pores, soothes the skin, and rejuvenates it right after the first treatment. Benefits ● skin regeneration and balance ● improves microcirculation ● detoxifies ● energizes ● softens the skins

Time schedule Herbal Scrub

Monday - Friday

Herbal Essences Sauna



Saturday - Sunday

Herbal Essences Sauna


Herbal Essences Sauna


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